Pinball Marketing?

Bowling Marketing

In days gone by, the marketing industry was compared to bowling.

Print and commercial advertisements went out with the goal of knocking down as many "pins" as possible.These traditional methods were generally stable and predictable. 


Under this model, the industry retained the bulk of the control with the consumer playing an inactive, passive role.  


*(Clearly this is not a perfect metaphor and we do not condone knocking down members of your target audience.) 

Pinball Marketing


In today's  world consumers are not waiting to get knocked down (thank you very much). Marketing messages go out into a chaotic, social media driven world.


Thanks to the impact of social media, marketing campaigns today are accelerated, diverted, possibly changed, and are by no means predictable.


The modern consumer is in control - both interactive and interconnected.

Less control is okay!


Sure companies have had to let go of the complete control they were used to having, but, managed correctly, the benefits are worth it! This era of pinball marketing brings you:


  • The ability to build connections and lasting relationships with your customer base - which lets you know in real time what people are interested in and helps to grows brand loyalty

  • Access to free marketing on social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

  • Free word-of-mouth advertising through customer shares, status updates, and video posts

We're here to help!

Pinball Media exists to help your company navigate through this dynamic new world of interactive, digital based marketing. We offer:


  • Marketing services designed to be successful reaching audiences that are largely digitally based 

  • Public relations services focused on customer satisfaction, media relations, and community engagement

  •  Event marketing services to announce your brand, build your reputation, or kick off a new product or service

  • And more!

Reach out to us today to learn more. We can't wait to get started!